You’re in the Driver’s Seat.

A revolutionary device installed in your company vehicles, revealing rich real-time data.

  • Secure web-based fleet management system
  • Professional service from a knowledgeable insurance broker
  • Leverage data to secure insurance rates
  • Real-time vehicle data tracking with user friendly dashboard
  • Real-time fuel efficiency and vehicle diagnostic reporting.

Sorry, this fleet advisor tool is only available for Ontario, Canada!

Fleet management designed for your business

  • Measure braking, acceleration, speed with urban and night driving. Thus giving each of your drivers a unique score.
  • Understand, measure and adjust driver behaviour.
  • Interactive on-line fleet map locator providing real-time speed and location of vehicle.
  • Reduce fleet administration costs through engine idle and speeding reports in addition to reducing long-term insurance rates

Easy installation

Just plug it into your vehicle OBD Port

Trusted Data

  • Track location of vehicles at all times with ease and clarity
  • Receive alerts for vehicle speeding, device disconnect and vehicle maintenance intervals
  • Implement geo-fencing perimeters to provide geographic boundaries for the fleet
  • Control operational costs with clear, detailed reporting tools
  • Provide real-time crash detection notification