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Seasonal Residences

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    Seasonal Residences

    Did you know that if you have a seasonal dwelling, like a summer cottage or a trailer, you can also insure this dwelling under your homeowners, tenant, or condo policy? It’s true! The Seasonal Residence Form (IBC 1173) can be used to insure seasonal dwellings, outbuildings and your personal property. Some insurers will agree to […]

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    All Aboard – Boating Safety

    Many Canadians associate boating with summer, so recreational boaters need to be prepared before heading out on the water. In Canada, you are required to hold a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate a boat. This license ensures you understand all of the rules of the water and how to properly operate a vessel. It […]

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    Biking with Small Children – Safety

    Whether you’re using a bike carrier or a trailer, follow these safety tips: Make sure your child wears a properly-fitting bicycle helmet and is always strapped into the trailer or carrier. Don’t use a trailer or carrier for children under 12 months old. There are no bike helmets made for children younger than one year. […]

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    The Number of Senior Drivers is Growing

    In less than 10 years, one in four Canadians will be over the age of 65.  Studies show older adults tend to tire more easily, suffer from diminished vision, memory loss, and hearing loss, as well as exhibit slower reaction times. All of which can affect the operation of a vehicle. No one wants to […]

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    Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

    Everyone should take a moment during Emergency Preparedness Week to review these three simple steps. Know the Risks: Flood, hurricane, blizzard, storm surge, power outage are just a few. Be especially aware of those that are known to affect your region or area. Have a Plan:  Emergency escape routes, designated meeting areas, and the location […]

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    The Problem with Potholes

    Roads are affected by extreme changes in temperatures resulting in potholes.  Since it’s not always possible to avoid potholes, here are some tips to help minimize damage: Never slam on your brakes. This can actually cause more damage to your vehicle. If you cannot avoid a pothole, slow down and let up on your brakes […]

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