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  • About Us

    Think!nsure resulted from the merger of JDW Insurance Brokers and Luttrell Parker Insurance Brokers Limited. We are now one brokerage offering a wide variety of insurance products for all your personal and business needs.


    Think!nsure staff have been providing personal, professional, knowledgeable and friendly service to our respective clients since 1970. We are certified as "Best Practices Brokerages" under IBAC (Insurance Brokers Association of Canada).


    We are registered as a licensed insurance brokerage with the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). We act in the capacity of an intermediary between the insured (the buyer of insurance) and the insurer (insurance company issuing the policy).


    Our experienced, dedicated and well trained staff remain current on changes in the insurance industry to provide you with the best possible advice and service. We are proud of our excellent reputation within our industry, as well as our credibility with the insurers we represent. This assures you that your claims will be handled promptly and fairly. Our many satisfied clients provide countless referrals to their friends.

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Choosing the right Life Insurance and Living Benefits coverage can be complicated. Life insurance proceeds are paid out tax free and can be used by your loved ones to pay estate taxes, buy out partners of a business, or just to pay off debt such as a mortgage. Think!nsure Life works with our clients to choose the best coverage plan for their age, stage of life, and financial obligations they want to cover both now and in the future. Let us help and we’ll put together a comprehensive financial plan that makes sense.


    Term Life

    Permanent Insurance

    Universal Life

    Living Benefits

    Critical Illness

    Long Term Care

    Disability Insurance (Income Protection)

    Group Benefits

    Healthcare Spending Accounts

  • Business Insurance Products

    The brokers at Think!nsure understand that you have a business to run.


    We are passionate about Commercial insurance and its' importance in todays' economy. We firmly believe that insurance should be more than another premium that you have to pay. It should be the part of your business plan that will provide for the continuity of your livelihood in the event of an untimely insurable loss.


    Choosing the right Commercial Insurance coverage is vital to allowing your business to stay afloat in today's litigious environment. Each coverage option is different and each policy contains limits and deductibles that can be creatively tailored to fit your business’s individual needs.


    Your Commercial insurance deserves the service of a professional, knowledgeable and experienced Commercial Broker. We take the time to talk to you and develop a business insurance policy that is tailored to your business. There are so many options for insurance that knowing what you need to insure can be difficult. Insurance carriers will let you insure anything, provided you pay their premium. Knowing the 'what to cover' and the 'how much' can not only reduce your annual insurance premiums, but also ensure that when you have a loss you are not made painfully aware of the exclusions in your coverage.


    An example of our creative tailoring is teaming up with ASCII Canada to develop a policy specifically tailored for the IT Industry. We know insurance and ASCII Canada knows the IT Industry. Together, we have created a policy that offers the broadest coverage at an unbeatable premium. In fact, some IT companies are saving up to 40% on their existing insurance premium!

  • Some Helpful Information

    General Commercial Crime Prevention

    Ensure that all exterior doors have deadbolt locks with a minimum one inch bolt into the strike plate.

    Secure exposed exterior door hinge pins to prevent their removal.

    Protect all grade floor glass through the use of bars, metal screens or burglary resistant glazing materials.

    Install a burglar alarm system which is monitored offsite. We recommend that the system be certified by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).

    Continually check for unsafe work conditions and practices, and take prompt corrective action.

    Provide a complement of serviced, multi-purpose fire extinguishers in your premises and instruct all staff in their use.

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