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Palmer Insurance Brokers (Fenelon) Ltd.
43 Colborne St. Box 34
Fenelon Falls, ON, K0M 1N0

Phone: (705) 887-2517
Toll Free: (800) 795-1895
Fax: (705) 887-4793

Languages spoken: English

Insurance Types:
Commercial Property
Motor Cycle
Commercial Automobile
Travel Trailer
Recreational Vehicle

  • About Us

    Palmer Insurance Brokers (Fenelon) Ltd., have been providing insurance to Fenelon Falls and surrounding areas since 1921. Coverage provided on a personal basis for : Homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, business insurance, farm insurance and life insurance. Representing companies such as Farmers Mutual and Optimum Insurance Co.

    Long ago, in a little village found in the north part of a county called Victoria, a young man sat working in a room of his home. The year was 1921 and John T. Palmer was just starting his insurance brokers business. His son George H. Palmer joined the business in 1933 and in 1950 Palmer Insurance moved into their current Colborne St., office in downtown Fenelon Falls. In 1962 a young boy right out of high school named John A Palmer joined the family business. In 1988 fourth generation George V. Palmer joined to carry on the business of his Great Grandfather. Today they are still insuring the families that John T. Palmer served over 80 years ago.

  • Privacy Policy

    NTRODUCTION: Protecting the confidentiality of your personal information has always been an important part of the way we do business. To ensure that we protect your privacy, Palmer Insurance Brokers (Fenelon) Ltd., has adopted a Privacy policy in following with the IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada) model. This code sets out how and why we collect and use personal information about our customers. It also explains circumstances under which we may need or be required to disclose it.

    "Personal information" means information that identifies you as a specific individual. It does not include the sort of general information that could be found in a business directory or a telephone book.

    Effective January 1st, 2004 the Government of Canada implemented the last phase of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This federal statute applies to insurance companies and many other industry sectors.

    This legislation establishes rules and principles for the use and disclosure of personal information based on the ten privacy principles developed by the Canadian Standards Association. These principles recognize that we live in an era when commercial information is exchanged and circulated by electronic means. It balances the individuals right to privacy in their personal information with the reasonable need of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal information.

    OUR PRIVACY COMMITMENT TO YOU: Palmer Insurance Brokers (Fenelon) Ltd., values your business and we thank you for your confidence in choosing our brokerage . As our client, you trust us with your personal information. We respect that trust and want you to be aware of our commitment to protect the information you share in the course of doing business with us.

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