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  • About Us

    The McVey family has been providing individuals and families in the Ottawa area with insurance protection for more than 50 years. McVey Brothers is a family-oriented, relationship based brokerage in Ottawa. We pride ourselves in the making and preserving of both business and personal relationships with all of our clients. We are on a first name basis with most of our clients, and think of each of them as one of our own.

    We believe in personally connecting with every client – or potential client – whom we speak to. Every member of our team is inviting and engaging, as our main goal is to serve and please our clients, as well as provide a lasting relationship. We want every client to feel comfortable speaking to each of our representatives, as communication is key, not only in business but in every day life as well. Being there for our clients from day to day is what insurance is really all about. Supporting our clients through every milestone, whether it be insuring their automobiles, homes or businesses, is what we strongly strive to achieve every single day.

  • Personal Insurance Products


    Whether you own a home, condominium, seasonal cottage or rent a dwelling, McVey Brothers can find the right solution for your insurance needs. At McVey Brothers, we understand your home is most likely your most prized possession, and where you should feel safe. Our mission is to ensure each client’s home is protected against those elements that could jeopardize their peace of mind, such as fire or water damage. We look at each risk individually and find the appropriate coverage and policy that is suitable for you.

    It is our responsibility as our clients’ broker, to inform them of their coverages, policy limits, what is and isn’t covered, and how to report an insurance claim in the event of a loss. If a loss were ever to occur, Habitational insurance will help our clients rebuild and replace the contents and personal possessions of theirs and their loved ones.


    Driving a car, for most, is a necessity. At McVey Brothers, we understand you depend on your car, which is why we place coverage to protect your interests. We make sure all of our automobile policies have the best coverage for our clients, so in the event of a loss, they will be able to continue on with their regular activities. This includes family protection and payment of a rental car, if need be.

    McVey Brothers assists our clients to navigate around the wordings of an automobile policy to ensure there is no confusion in terms of coverage. We are able to provide professional advice and recommendations to make sure all your questions and concerns are resolved, as well as perform any changes requested by the insured.

  • Business Insurance Products


    Commercial Property insurance is needed whether you own a small or medium sized business. At McVey Bros, we provide our clients with the appropriate coverage to protect your property and/or physical assets. For many businesses, a great deal of their company’s assets are associated with equipment. Company equipment can be insured under a Commercial Property policy. 


    If you use a company car or have employees who drive company vehicles, you would require Commercial Automobile insurance. McVey Bros help protect our client’s company vehicles and their liability. 


    Businesses are constantly being exposed to liability risks that may occur on their property, or on a job site. Commercial General Liability protects businesses from a range of potential claims that could arise from any occurrence. 


    McVey Bro also provides coverage for any clients who own a farm. A farm insurance policy can provide coverage for personal property, including farm buildings, livestock, machinery and equipment. 


    Life insurance is also offered. Whether you have just purchased a house or recently welcomed a new baby into your family, having life insurance is an excellent way to protect your financial wellbeing.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    After an auto accident, how can you tell who is at-fault?

    Fault for an accident is determined by the Ontario Insurance Act and the Fault Determination Rules made under the Ontario Insurance Act. These may find you or the other driver fully or partially at-fault.

    Will my rates go up if I am not at-fault for the accident?

    No. Your rates will not go up if you are 100% not at-fault for the accident. This is referred to as a non-chargable accident. However, if you are partially at-fault, it may affect your rating.

    What happens if I am in a single vehicle accident, for example, lost control on black ice?

    This loss would be covered under the collision section of your policy subject to a deductible and could affect your rating.

    What happens if I am in an accident and the other party is not insured?

    You would be covered under the Uninsured Automobile section of your policy, subject to a $300 deductible and a maximum value of $25,000 (values over $25,000 are paid under the collision section of your policy)

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