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Law Insurance Brokers Limited
14900 Yonge Street 
Aurora, ON, L4G 1M7

Phone: (905) 727-1913
Toll Free: 1-800-529-2235
Fax: (905) 727-8370

Languages spoken: English, French

Insurance Types:
Commercial Property
Motor Cycle
Commercial Automobile
Travel Trailer
Recreational Vehicle

  • About Us

    Law Insurance Brokers Limited is a family owned and operated business. For over 93 years Law Insurance Brokers has been offering professional, personal service to our clients.

    As an insurance broker we work on the behalf of our clients to obtain the insurance coverage required for the best available price. All the insurance companies we represent are well established and are ranked in the top 10 insurance companies in Canada. 

    Whether its home, automobile or commercial insurance, we can provide a policy tailored to your needs.

    Law Insurance Brokers Limited was founded in 1914 our first office was located in downtown Toronto and as the city grew so did our cliental. To better serve our northern clients, in 1985, we opened a branch office in Sudbury. Both locations now help serve our clients throughout Ontario. 

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Automobile (including)




    Habitational (including)







    Rented Dwellings

    Recreational Vehicles (including)






    Motor Homes

    Watercrafts (All Sizes and Values)

  • Business Insurance Products

    Commercial Insurance

    Commercial General Liability

    Commercial Automobile Insurance

    Fleet Accounts & Individual Vehicles

  • Some Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is there an extra cost for using a broker?

    A: There is no extra cost to the consumer for using our services. Our job is to search the market to find you the best insurance possible for your unique situation. If we are able to provide you the product at the price you wish we are compensated by the insuring company at no extra cost to you.


    Q: Are my personal belonging covered by my automobile policy if stolen from the vehicle?


    A: Unfortunately no, Automobile insurance is legislated to protect the vehicle itself. Personal belongings should be covered under a habitational policy (homeowner’s, condo, and or tenants insurance). If you interested to see if you are covered for this, please contact us.


    Q: My basement flooded! Am I covered?

    A: Due to the complexity of this question it’s not a straightforward answer. It depends on many variables and the most important variable of that is where the water is coming from. Many people are unpleasantly surprised to find out they are not covered for this when they go to make a large claim for water damage. To learn more about how you are covered for flooding and how you can get more coverage please contact us.


    Q: If I go to court and the conviction is dropped, Can I still be held accountable for the accident?

    A: Yes, the conviction deals with the highway traffic act, the accident is under the insurance act. If you were to have the conviction of, for example, careless driving thrown out in court. You will still be held accountable for the accident by the insurance act.


    Can I lend my car to anyone under 25 years old?


    So long as the owner of the vehicle has given consent and the operator’s license is valid age should not be of concern.

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