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Larry Grummett Insurance Broker Ltd.
2 Elora St. S. P.O. Box 160
Clifford, ON, N0G 1M0

Phone: (519) 327-8025
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Languages spoken: English

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  • About Us


    The management and employees of Larry Grummett Insurance play a very active role in the communities we serve.

    We are presently actively volunteering or offering our support to many community endeavors and organizations including: Rotary, Meals on Wheels, Chamber of Commerce, Stars in Business, Historical Society, Clifford Car and Tractor Show, Hospital Foundation, Agricultural Society, Big Brother, Big Sisters, 4-H, Minor Hockey, Minor Lacrosse, just to name a few.

    We have and will continue to make a difference in the communities we serve


    Auto, Hone, Commercial, Life, Disability, Travel, Motorcycle, RV, Boat

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Insuring Your Home

    If you are like most homeowners, you will probably never need to submit an insurance claim. But no one is immune from misfortune!

    Within limits, home insurance reimburses you for your financial loss arising from mishaps that are generally "sudden and accidental" and hard to predict and prevent.

    Because there is no such thing as a standard homeowner's policy coverage may vary from one insurer to another. At Larry Grummett Insurance our brokers take the time to understand your needs then search for the right policy for you.

    When to buy home insurance

    Insurance coverage on your home should begin as soon as you become the legal owner or tenant, even if the home is still under construction. The policy can also cover related building materials on or adjacent to your property. If you're about to move to a new home, ask your broker if your current policy will cover your contents at both old and new locations, and in transit, too. Theft insurance applies only when a building is ready for occupancy; vacant buildings are not normally

  • Business Insurance Products

    Custom Solutions For All Types Of Business

    Adopting a risk management program gives a small business the opportunity to use the same loss reduction and cost control mechanisms that large companies use to save money and be more competitive.

    A risk management program will ensure that your company's insurance policies are competitively priced and provide coverage appropriate to the risks and their potential to harm your business. TOP

    equipment rental or maintnance agreements among others, may increase your liability exposure.

    Human resources exposures

    Small businesses in particular are usually dependent on the success of the owner and perhaps one or two key employees. Disability insurance for owners is vital in case of accidents or illness.

    Key personnel insurance compensates businesses for the death of a key person or if the departure of a key employee causes a downturn in orders.

    Many businesses provide a comprehensive program of employee group benefits in order to retain a stable, committed work force. TOP

    Loss prevention

    You can protect your property from loss and reduce insurance costs by taking a few positive steps on your own to discourage burglars, shoplifters, vandals and arsonists. Good inventory control and meticulous bookkeeping may help avoid placing temptation in the way of employees and suppliers. Investment in loss prevention often results in lower insurance premiums. In fact, your insurance savings may pay for this investment in only a few years. Here are just a few loss-prevention ideas you may want to consider.

    • Install approved sprinklers, intruder alarms and fire alarms.
    • Secure all doors, windows and skylights -- strongly.
    • Secure storage and other low-traffic areas.
    • Isolate flammable materials and dispose of waste materials properly.
    • Leave some lights on and windows clear so police patrols can view the interior.
    • Encourage employees to protect the company by being watchful and careful.
    • Back up your computer files frequently and store copies off premises.
    • Register with your local police and fire department so that they know who to call in an emergency.
    • Consider hiring a security guard when conditions warrant.


  • Farm Insurance

    Farm Insurance - Introduction E-mail

    Larry Grummett Insurance has been providing Farm Insurance to the agricultural community in Bruce, Grey, Huron, Wellington and the surrounding counties for as long as we've been in business. We have the knowledge and experience to find the right package and the best possible price no matter what type of farm you are operating.

    Be sure to check with us for your free no-obligation customized farm insurance quote the next time you're coming up for renewal.

    As a courtesy to our farm customers, we are pleased to offer our services in the way that is most convenient to you. Our office or yours, we are your farm insurance specialists!


    As you know, the reason for purchasing insurance is to transfer the financial risk should your farm business suffer a loss. The amount and types of insurance you need are determined by your attitude towards the risks and your financial strength and willingness to cover a loss. For most businesses, farms included, purchasing an insurance policy to protect your investment and offset the risk of being ruined by a catastrophic loss is simply good financial management and a sound business decision.

    The information provided in our Farm Insuance section is intended to summarize some of the important considerations regarding your Farm Insurance. Our sincere hope is that you have the necessary insurance to protect your business. The unfortunate truth is that reviewing your coverage is of little use after an event has occurred.


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