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Kennedy Insurance Brokers Inc.
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North Bay, ON, P1B 3W9

Phone: (705) 472-5950
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Languages spoken: English, French

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  • About Us

    As a truly independent broker we maintain relationships with numerous insurance companies and with no ties to any of them, financial or otherwise, we are able to objectively present a selection of tailor-made policies to meet your needs.

    Because you demand it we provide you with professional advice to help you choose the appropriate coverage and insurance company, all at a competitive price.

    Simply put, working with our brokers allows you to purchase customized insurance that would be impossible to access on your own and it allows us to comparison shop, with our various insurance companies, on your behalf.

  • Personal Insurance Products

    We offer our clients a wide range of personal insurance policies.

    Property Insurance
    Whether you own your own home, are a tenant renting an apartment, or live in a condominium, we can insure your residence and its contents. Not all policies are the same however, so our job is to find the one which best suits your needs.  Because no policy is a perfect fit, optional add-on coverages are usually available at reasonable costs to extend coverages and increase policy limits.

    Automobile Insurance
    Although the standard automobile policy form or "wording" is legislated by the Ontario Government, not every automobile insurance program is equal. Special consideration should be given to limits, deductibles, and optional coverages.

    Umbrella Liability Insurance
    Did you know that you would be held personally liable and responsible to paying damages that exceed your policy limits. Consider this, if you are at-fault for an automobile accident and are liable for damages of $2,500,000 your $1,000,000 policy would leave a $1,500,000 short fall that you would have to pay personally! If you have assets that are worth protecting, you should strongly consider increasing your liability limits by arranging an umbrella liability policy.

    Other Insurance
    We can also arrange insurance for many other items including recreational vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, etc.

  • Business Insurance Products

    Kennedy Insurance Brokers offers a wide variety of business insurance services. We can provide policies to meet the needs of anyone from small independent contractors to large industrial and institutional clients.

    Small Businesses
    In the years ahead, small business is expected to grow faster than the most other sectors of the economy and it is our progressive strategy to look after the insurance needs of small business clients more efficiently and cost-effectively. Characteristically, small businesses have specialized needs and the insurance companies we represent have used their years of experience to identify these needs and to develop “package” policies with coverage tailored to meet them. Although packaged policies simplify the insurance buying decision for small business owners, they never mean you are “boxed” in. A wide range of optional coverage is readily available to help close any potential gaps in your protection.

    Industrial & Manufacturing
    Commercial Manufacturing and Industrial Operations risks can be placed by our brokerage. We have the ability to place a variety of risks from small manufacturing operations to large businesses with U.S. or international exposure. We have considerable experience that includes mining, manufacturing, machine shops, metal & plastic fabrication & machining.

    Non-profit and Institutional Organizations
    Many companies, including non-profit entities, now require special or unique insurance policies to properly cover their operations. We can help you determine what policies you may require and whether you might need specialty policies including bonds, Directors & Officers Liability, Errors & Omissions, and general liability and property coverage.

    Commercial Vehicles
    Whether you are an individual contractor, or own a large fleet of vehicles, we have access to markets able to insure your commercial vehicle operations. We can tailor your coverage depending on your specific requirements including physical damage, liability, and excess liability limits for individual commercial vehicles up to larger fleets.

  • Cottage Insurance

    If you have a cottage, seasonal residence, or secondary home, we can arrange the appropriate insurance policy for you. We are able to arrange insurance for:

    1. American or out of province clients who maintain seasonal residences in Ontario
    2. Isolated island cottages
    3. High value summer homes

    Having grown up cottaging on area lakes, our cottage brokers understand the specific needs and unique traits of cottage properties. In fact, many of our cottage insurance clients are our friends and neighbours.

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