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Hargraft Schofield Ltd.
200 University Avenue 5th Fl. 
Toronto, ON, M5H 3C6

Phone: (416) 489-9600
Toll Free: (800) 387-0529
Fax: (416) 489-9610

Languages spoken: English

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  • About Us

    At Hargraft, we understand that when risks are suddenly transformed from probability to reality, the right insurance can be key to a company's survival. Given that, we believe that it is in any company's best interests to settle for nothing less than a relationship of mutual trust, respect, and fairness with its insurance broker.

    We believe that trust, respect, and fairness are nurtured by an open flow of communication and by transparent procedures and policies. In that spirit, we offer you Hargraft's Mission Statement and Guiding Principles, an overview of our company's business specialties and structure, an introduction to the insurers with whom we work, a complete list of our professional memberships and affiliations, a briefhistory of our firm, and contact information for our executive and management team.

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Protect Your Assets
    Hargraft, as is its style, brings enormous dedication and passion to meeting the personal insurance needs of business owners and executives. Following are brief summaries of the main services we offer to individuals:

    Property and Liability Insurance 

    Executives, business owners, and other individuals with substantial assets will find appropriate coverage through Hargraft. Our Executive Services team understands the intricacies involved in insuring such items as high value residences, vacation properties, including properties outside Canada, jewelry, furs, art collections, wine collections and high-end automobiles. We are also able to arrange suitable limits of personal liability insurance on a world-wide basis.

    In this area, Hargraft deals principally with Chubb Insurance Company, the premier insurer of high net worth individuals. On occasion, Hargraft deals with other companies if our clients are faced with unique insurance-related challenges.

    Claims service is available, as it is for all Hargraft clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Business Insurance Products

    Corporate Exposures: Minimizing the Risks
    To enjoy longterm success, your enterprise must protect itself against the possible negative consequences resulting from loss of property or income. We invite you to join the many companies who have already discovered that Hargraft can provide the insurance protection most relevant to their needs. 

    Who are our clients? 

    Hargraft has a lengthy history (since 1874) of designing appropriate, individualized coverage for the following sectors: 
    • Plastics
    • Electronics
    • Construction
    • Transportation (passengers and goods)
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Errors & Omissions
    • Manufacturing
    • Environmental Liability
    • Educational Institutions
    • Financial Institutions
    • Hospitality
    Hargraft is fully capable of addressing an organization's Canadian, American, and international exposures in these industries. 

  • Claims Management Services

    Service Beyond the Ordinary
    A typical account with Hargraft includes numerous value added services. In addition, we are also willing and able to create specific service agreements based on the unique and varied needs of our clients. Following is a sampling of some of our typical services: 

    • Dedicated account service team. The same people will typically handle your account throughout the life of its relationship with Hargraft. We strongly believe that building a long-term, consistent relationship with our clients enables us to better understand their business and service needs better. Our clients, in turn, know that a team of people familiar with their circumstances and history are ready to assist them at any time. 

    • Cross-border services. At Hargraft, borders pose no barrier when finding solutions for our clients. We enjoy established relationships with quality insurance companies with international capabilities. The end product is seamless and consistent coverage, regardless of where your company conducts business. 

    • Claims management services. We commit to providing you with claims service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your company will receive assistance and advice as needed with respect to submitting claims and maintaining claims status information. Some claims consulting and administration services are provided on a fee-for-service basis, as required.

    • Quarterly reviews. Hargraft uses a quarterly formal performance review process to ensure that we are meeting our clients' expectations, to identify any areas of concern, and to update ourselves on the evolving needs and circumstances of our clien

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