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Halpenny Ins. Brokers Ltd.
100-1550 Laperriere Ave. 
Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7T2

Phone: (613) 722-7626
Toll Free: 1-800-635-3508
Fax: (613) 722-5382

Languages spoken: English

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Commercial Property
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Travel Trailer
Recreational Vehicle
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  • About Us

    Whether you need to protect your business, employees, your life, your home or your future, nobody provides peace of mind like Halpenny Insurance.

    Since 1912, our promise has been simple; after a thorough analysis of your business or personal needs, we will provide only the coverage you need in a way that is open, honest, straightforward and clear. And we will make it simple- every step of the way


    We are on your side – Our business is about trust:

    • trust that you are getting the best products for the best price
    • trust that despite how complicated it may appear, you will have help every step of the way; and
    • trust that when there is a claim, you will be treated fairly.

    At Halpenny Insurance, our role is to help make getting insurance worry-free. Because we are independent brokers — as opposed to a sales force for a specific company — we offer several unique benefits:

    • We provide a wide range of products from competing companies.  You have choice.
    • We have almost 100 years of experience in shopping for the best combination of coverage, price and service. You get value
    • We work with your other advisors to personalize your program. Your coverage is consistent with your overall financial plan.
    • We offer assistance when you are faced with the reality of submitting a claim. You have the experts in your corner.
    • We have business skills that are brought to bear in negotiating with companies on your behalf. You have leverage.

    Our code of Ethics

    At Halpenny Insurance, our goal is to build lifetime partnerships with our clients. We will do that by:

    • always acting in our clients’ best interests;
    • providing information that allows clients to make informed choices;
    • respecting confidentiality;
    • being open and honest in all of our dealings with both clients and our industry
    • being professional, efficient and responsive;
    • providing value for money; and
    • Taking every step necessary to ensure a prompt and fair settlement in the event of a claim.


  • Personal Insurance Products

    Personal Insurance

    Our Licensed Brokers will help you tackle the maze of insurance policies and companies. We help you select the best and most competitive coverage and have it tailored to your specific needs. We make a commitment to getting to know you and your personal situation.

    Personal Policies

    • homes,
    • cars
    • condominiums,
    • tenants’ policies
    • cottages,
    • chalets,
    • boats
    • home-based businesses
    • umbrella policies

    We Offer

    • To stand behind you when you make a claim. No matter what coverage you have, standing behind you is the critical issue when there is a claim.
    • To make sure your needs are met as soon as you call us. Whether that is finding a rental car company, a locksmith, or a reputable contractor to repair damages to your home.
    • To be your advocate at all points in the claim process, not a representative of the insurance company.

    Our Reputation

    Our commitment is to make sure that the protection and security you need is really there for you.

    Our Personal Insurance clients stay with us because we keep our promises.

  • Business Insurance Products

    Commercial Insurance

    At Halpenny, we are committed to the success of your business.  Our aim is to build a long-term relationship by finding the best coverage for your business and by providing you with excellent service throughout all business challenges.

    Satisfactory resolution of insurance claims is what we have built our business on.

    We offer

    1. To review all aspects of your present coverage to identify any gaps.
    2. To arrange better and more comprehensive coverage with competitive rates.

    Access to the best and most current commercial coverage in the world is available to all our commercial clients whether you operate a large manufacturing company or a small retail store. Our long history as a substantial firm has resulted inn a well-deserved reputation with insurance companies as Brokers who insist on excellent coverage and claims-handling for our commercial clients. We are able to offer extra service, especially when a claims situation falls into a grey area, because of that strong reputation with the companies we represent. We help businesses benefit from a variety of specialized commercial coverage.

    Specialized Commercial Coverage

    • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
    • Contract Bonding
    • Errors & Omissions & Malpractice Liability
    • Asset Protection & Worldwide Liability Coverage for Products and Operations
    • Employment Practices Liability

    Risk Management

    We believe that Risk Management is a critical factor when formulating your insurance portfolio. To identify your exposure to loss and examine alternative Risk Management techniques, we assist you in the entire Risk Management process. After a full review and inspection of your premises, we will implement the chosen techniques. Assistance in monitoring and improving your Risk Management Program is then provided on a continuing basis.  Risk management is key to your success here and around the world.


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