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Hagerty Canada, LLC
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  • About Us

    In 1983, Frank and Louise Hagerty realized that appropriate insurance coverage for their collector wooden boats didn't exist. So — armed with years of general-lines insurance experience — the Hagerty's launched a revolutionary agreed value policy for collector boats. Within a few years, half of the vintage boat owners in the country were Hagerty clients.

    In 1991, Hagerty created a similar product for collector cars. And in 1995 two of Frank and Louise's three children, Kim and McKeel, came home to run the family business - despite their vows to never make a career of insurance! Together they've overseen the company's tremendous growth, which has been supported by a great product, exceptional client service, cutting-edge technology, creative marketing and, of course, intelligent, forward-thinking and hard-working employees. In 25 years, Hagerty has grown from a small agency headquartered in the Hagerty family basement to the leading provider of collector car and boat insurance in the world!

  • Personal Insurance Products

    For car guys, by car guys.

    Hagerty ® is made up of people just like you — people who own collector vehicles, closely follow the market, know the history of the auto industry, have experienced the joys and challenges of restoration and attend every car event they can get to.

    Hagerty’s coverage is geared to the collector.

    We specialize in classic and collector cars. Since that’s all we do, we’re able to focus all of our attention on you, your collection and your particular needs, usage and interests. Our unique Guaranteed Value policy allows you to cover your car for what it’s worth, and you receive every cent of your car’s insured value in the event of a covered total loss.

    Our service and knowledge are unparalleled.

    We understand the collector car market and the importance of insuring your car for its true value. We also know how to handle claims on damage to your classic cars. For example, we have a Parts Specialist on staff whose only job is tracking down the perfect replacement part.

    We care about the hobby

    At Hagerty, we believe it is our responsibility to support organizations and initiatives that help make sure the vehicles we love – and the lifestyles that revolve around them – not only survive, but thrive, well into the future.

  • Private Client Services

    Program features

    Your collection is as unique as you are, so you deserve more than a one-size-fits-all policy. That’s why we engineer coverage especially for you.

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    Exceptional service

    We only work with collectible cars, so we know how to handle claims on high value vehicles, and we know the hobby. But most importantly, we listen. That way, we can respond with service that is focused on your satisfaction.

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    Knowledge and experience

    At Hagerty, we are well-respected for our collector vehicle knowledge. Members of our staff serve as judges in some of the hobby’s most prestigious events and provide expert commentary to mainstream and hobby publications. Plus, we’re invested in the future of the hobby.

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