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Firstbrook, Cassie & Anderson Ltd.
1867 Yonge St. Ste. 300 
Toronto, ON, M4S 1Y5

Phone: (416) 486-1421
Toll Free: (800) 267-0281
Fax: (416) 486-7035

Languages spoken: English

Insurance Types:
Commercial Property
Commercial Automobile
Financial Services - Life, Disability, Group, Travel and RRSP's .....

  • About Us

    FCA Insurance Brokers originated in 1919.  Two veterans returning from the First World War, James Gilpen and W. Harvey Doherty, found themselves sharing office space and common interests with Todd Dixon in Toronto. The three entrepreneurs merged their operations to form Gilpen, Doherty & Dixon.

    With the addition of Ronald Firstbrook, the name changed to Doherty, Dixon & Firstbrook Ltd. After subsequent mergers, and the later arrival of James Cassie, the growing firm evolved to Doherty, Dixon, Bark & Firstbrook Ltd. and then to Firstbrook & Cassie Limited.

    Donald Anderson became a partner in 1985 and the firm name emerged as Firstbrook, Cassie & Anderson Ltd.

    During the 1980’s the partnership was extended to include John van Bilsen and Andrew Osbourne, and later, Jeffrey Smith.

    Over the decades, FCA has continued to flourish. The company now has three branches with a total staff in excess of 80 experienced individuals. FCA is respected as an accomplished, professional organization, well-positioned and well-established within the Canadian marketplace.

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Your home is your castle. And whether it’s a house, a condo or a cottage, it’s one of your most valuable assets. And it needs to be protected accordingly.

    With changes in weather patterns, water damage claims, such as major sewer back-up losses, are becoming more and more common. Aging infrastructure of our municipal systems can also contribute to the problem. There are measures that homeowners can take, however, to reduce potential water damage losses, such as the installation of back-up valves and humidity alarms.

  • Business Insurance Products

    Individuals who serve on a corporation’s board, whether publicly traded, private or non-profit, are exposed, through the performance of their duties, to liabilities for which they can be held personally responsible.

    Shareholders or business partners may allege financial mismanagement, or perhaps others may sue for damages, claiming the corporation has engaged in improper business practices with the knowledge of the board. Claims for damages resulting from conflicts of interest or corporate misrepresentation would not be covered by Commercial General Liability, and even if they are eventually proved to be untrue, the costs for legal defense can be crippling.

    Directors & Officers Liability coverage can defend and indemnify your Directors and Officers, protecting the corporation’s key people from the possibility of personal financial loss.

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