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Burrowes Insurance Brokers
526 Grays Road Suite B
Hamilton, ON, L8E 2Z4

Phone: (905) 561-0100
Toll Free: (888) 690-0010
Fax: (905) 561-9900

Languages spoken: English

Insurance Types:
Commercial Automobile

  • About Us

    The success of Burrowes Insurance Brokers reflects its deep commitment to bringing together the top specialists and the best resources so we can provide a full assessment of your needs - and meet them completely.

    As the leader in its field, our multi-service office enjoys outstanding access to the most important insurance companies, partners and suppliers.

    That is why we can consistently offer you top quality products and services.

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Trucking insurance
    Insurance plans for fleets and owner-operators
    Auto insurance (tractors, straight trucks, trailers, utility vehicles)
    Trucker’s legal liability (cargo)
    Contingent cargo
    Commercial general liability
    Pollution coverage (storage tanks)
    Excess liability coverage "umbrella"
    Warehouseman’s legal liability
    Tenant’s legal liability
    Conditional release bonds
    Filings (provincial and US authorities)

  • Business Insurance Products

    We will guide you through the range of custom products best tailored to your business needs so we can propose those options best suited to your company.

    Our damage insurance specialists are fully experienced in all areas of commercial insurance, and provide coverage to manufacturers, retail outlets, service firms and property owners.

    Our primary goal is to offer you innovative solutions that meet your requirements and your resources.

    Your success is vital... and we do our best to protect it.

  • Our Guarantee: your peace of mind!

    Your security, and that of your family, your profession and your business... are the basic concerns of our team of financial security advisors.

    Well trained and current in their field, our specialists meet with you at your preferred time and place to determine your real needs for insurance of persons.

    We offer state-of-the-art services to protect, optimize and maintain your estate, in view of estate and tax planning needs.

    Our guarantee: your peace of mind!

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