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Oil Tanks – Peace of Mind Checkup

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Picture this…you have awoken to a beautiful sunny winter morning, with glistening snow hanging from branches because of the steady snow fall the evening before. Thank goodness you have a reliable oil tank and furnace to keep you and your family warm. So how do you keep that peace of mind that your oil tank won’t let you down?

Here is a useful checklist to help you identify if a claim may be a possibility in your near future. An asterisk (*) denotes for unprotected steel tanks only.

1.    Does your tank bear a tag stating it is constructed to meet national standards?     0 Yes      0 No

2.    Is the tank free of any visual signs of damage?    0 Yes        0 No

3.    For an inside installation tank, do the vent and fill pipes exit your home?     0 Yes     0 No

4.    Is the fuel filter located inside your home?    0 Yes        0 No

5.    Is the tank fully above ground?    0 Yes     0 No

6.    Has fuel been transferred from an old tank to a new tank? *    0 Yes     0 No

If you answered “No” to any of the first five questions and/or “Yes” to the sixth question, your system may be considered a higher risk and it is recommended that you have a professional heating inspector check your oil tank right away.

7.    Is the tank shell greater than 14 gauge steel?*    0 Yes      0 No

8.    Is the tank less than 15 years old?*    0 Yes      0 No

9.    Is there a bottom feed outlet on your tank?*     0 Yes      0 No

10.    Is your tank inside your home?    0 Yes      0 No

11.    Is it a vertically installed tank?    0 Yes      0 No

12.    Does the oil line run on top of the basement floor?    0 Yes      0 No

13.    Is there a vent whistle or alarm on the tank?    0 Yes      0 No

14.    Does the tank have an outlet valve/line protector?    0 Yes      0 No

15.    Is there an oil-level gauge on your tank?    0 Yes         0 No

16.    Is your tank equipped with an anchoring device?    0 Yes         0 No

17.    Is your tank painted with a corrosion resistant coating?*    0 Yes      0 No

18.    Does it have an internal corrosion resistant coating?*    0 Yes      0 No

19.    Do you perform regular removal of water or sludge buildup in your tank?*    0 Yes         0 No

20.    Do you have any secondary or leak detective devices installed on your tank?    0 Yes         0 No

21.    Do you have a maintenance contract with your oil provider?    0 Yes         0 No

When answering questions seven to 21, each “No” represents that your tank is at a higher risk of something going wrong which could lead to a possible claim in the near future.

So do a quick checkup each year on your oil tank so you know you are keeping you and your family warm and safe during the heating season. 

If you've got questions or would like more details on oil tank checkups, contact your broker. Don't have one? Find a broker in your area here



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