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10/26/2011 9:12 AM

What extra coverage should I be aware of?

Posted By  MIS Blog

Special policies can cover the risks unique to your business:
Business Interruption
Consequential Loss
Equipment Breakdown
Errors and Omissions and Director’s and Officer’s Liability
Specialized Coverages

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10/12/2011 1:13 PM

What do I need to get an insurance quote?

Posted By  MIS Blog

Whether you are transferring your insurance from another province, seeking to change insurers or owning a car for the first time, the process of getting an insurance quote can be daunting. In general, the more the insurer knows about you and your driving record, the better off you will be, even if your record is less than perfect. Full disclosure at the beginning will save any risk ofmisrepresentation if you do need to make a claim in the future.

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10/5/2011 1:18 PM

Are your tires ticking time bombs?

Posted By  MIS Blog

Most people never give a second thought to the age of their tires. Of course you check to make sure they have plenty of tread, no bald spots or unusual wear and tear, but if they are six or more years old, they could break apart.

For the safety of you and your passengers, don’t ride on ticking time bombs.

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