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Benson Kearley IFG.
101-17705 Leslie St. 
Newmarket, ON, L3Y 3E3

Phone: (905) 898-3815
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Languages spoken: English

Insurance Types:
Not For Profit Associations
Commercial Property
Motor Cycle
Commercial Automobile
Travel Trailer
Recreational Vehicle
Financial Services - Life, Disability, Group, Travel and RRSP's .....

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    It's all about our customer...

    Decisions are easy when you understand your values. At Benson Kearley IFG, serving you is our privilege. Our brokers are highly functioning, empathetic people who never compromise their pride or integrity in offering you the best insurance on the market with old-fashioned name-to-name service. Though our scope is global, our touch is local. READ MORE

  • Personal Insurance Products

    It is essential that you work together with your broker to make certain that your home and automobiles are insured together with the appropriate market. Insuring your home and automobiles together enables your broker to apply a multi-line discount, which allows you to take advantage of huge reduced premiums. We have a vast array of products available to suit all lifestyles.

    Life Insurance & Estate Planning
    Group Benefit/Health & Dental Plans
    Disability Insurance
    Travel Insurance
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  • Business Insurance Products

    Competitive Advantage...


    Risks change, and so do your company’s needs. In order to make the best business decisions, you need proper risk education.


    Our Competitive Advantage enables us to provide you with the risk education that optimizes your organization’s success. You are our Partners In Risk. Making informed business decisions requires intimate understanding of industry challenges as well as your own specific risk profile. We spend a lot of time and resources on professional development to ensure that we deliver leading edge, industry specific services.


    To find out if you are effectively managing your Total Cost of Risk, contact us for a complimentary Partners in Risk review.


    Claims Management


    Insurance is the promise of indemnity. The true measure of an insurance brokerage consists of their ability to respond quickly and adequately to your losses and to deliver on every promise they have made. Our Claims Management Team is the critical focal point in our claims management process.




    Business Solutions


    Because making informed business decisions requires risk understanding, we work hard to educate our clients on all aspects of risk management.

  • Business Solutions

    Total Cost of Risk: The Concept


    A business may measure their Total Cost of Risk as premiums paid and deductibles incurred on insurance claims.

    What time and money does your organization spend on managing your insurance program, negotiating terms and handling claims? Whatever the answer, this view of cost is just a small piece of the bigger picture. Actually, it comprises only a quarter of your business’s Total Cost of Risk.


    The bigger consists of the time and resources your organization spends managing losses that are not covered by insurance. By reducing these ambiguous costs, you exert a significant measurable effect on your company’s longevity and success.

    In managing a client’s Total Cost of Risk, we look at all aspects of their organization to explore every risk factor, insurable or not, and develop cost-effective business solutions. Partnering with us to reduce your Total Cost of Risk has a quantifiable positive impact on your bottom line.


    Many of your risk costs fall outside of insurance premiums. Your ability to reduce these costs will have a greater impact on your bottom line than an insurance program alone. Reducing your Total Cost of Risk begins with identifying time, money and resources allocated to the management of your Risk Profile.


    What are your costs?

    Claims Administration

    Insurance Premiums


    Insurance & Risk Administration

    Retained Losses (Refer to Risk Balance Sheet)

    Administrative Controls

    Operational Controls

    Financial Risks

    Contractual Assumptions of Risk

    Contingent Liabilities

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