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Attridge & Roberts Insurance Brokers
80 Erie St. South P.O. Box 1030
Ridgetown, ON, N0P 2C0

Phone: (519) 674-3433
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  • About Us

    Attridge & Roberts is an all lines Insurance brokerage that has been serving Ridgetown and south-western Ontario continuously for over 50 years.

    The brokerage was founded by Wally Attridge in 1930 and the Roberts family involvement began in 1952.  The family still is represented in the office.  We became a partner in Martin Insurance (Wallaceburg) Inc. in 1995.

    We represent a broad range of both domestic and international insurers in Canada’s top 40 on a contractual basis.  Many of these companies have been with us in one form or another for over 50 years. Further, we can arrange coverage on an individual account basis with many insurers through wholesale arrangements and over the counter transactions. 

    Our portfolio is evenly split between personal and commercial lines of business so we can help with all of your insurance needs.

    Our staff are experienced (averaging over 20 years with our firm) and knowledgeable.  They are constantly upgrading their technical skills through courses offered both inside and outside the industry.

    Phone, fax, e-mail or walk in! We are always ready to help. Individual attention has been a tradition in our office for over 50 years-it will continue to be through the next century

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Even a small amount of water can be a big problem

     These days Canadians are seeing more than a little water. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, water damage is now the leading cause of home insurance claims, exceeding fire, theft, and wind or hail claims. On average, the Canadian insurance industry pays $1.5 billion per year in claims due to water damage.

     Why water damage is on the rise

     Climate change

    Severe weather events now occur with greater frequency. Storms that were once considered 1 in 40 year storms are now considered 1 in 6 year storms. This means that statistically, the frequency, or chance of experiencing a severe storm is increasing. Weather patterns have become increasingly unpredictable and we need to adapt.

     Aging infrastructure

    Much of Canada’s infrastructure was designed to accommodate weather patterns that existed years ago, and is unable to handle the increased precipitation that is now a reality. It’s estimated that 60% of Canada’s infrastructure is more than 40 years old, and would require approximately $90 billion to upgrade.*


    Today’s homes have more water-using appliances than ever before. The more water-using appliances in the home, the greater the chance of a leak and resulting damage. And often, these appliances are located on ground or second floors of homes, where water can cause a great deal of damage. With fewer people at home during the day this means more time passes before leaks are discovered. A trend towards finished basements, along with the use of more expensive materials in homes, has also increased the costs associated with water damage.



  • Business Insurance Products

    Crime Prevention Tips

    Burglary is always a crime of opportunity. Here are some interesting facts you should know about burglary:

    • Studies show that most burglars attack during the daytime when dense bushes and trees protect them from view, and the building appears unoccupied
    • One-third of burglars enter from the basement
    • One-third of burglars force entry through a window or door
    • One-third of burglars gain access from an unlocked/open door or window

    To best protect your home, look at it from a burglar's perspective. What are the vulnerable parts? If you take a few simple and inexpensive steps to make sure your home is not an attractive target, you'll greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

  • Operation Red Nose aiming to keep streets safe

    Operation Red Nose volunteers will be out for a 14th straight year this holiday season as they try to keep roads safe by preventing incidents of impaired driving.

    There will be nine nights of operation during the campaign – Friday and Saturday evenings – with the first night of coverage scheduled for Nov. 26.

    The program operates by having volunteers drive people home in their own vehicles after they've been out drinking. Those requesting the service must provide an insured vehicle with enough seatbelts for themselves, the volunteer Operation Red Nose driver and navigator, and any passengers they may have. The vehicle is brought to the person's home and an escort vehicle than drives away with the Red Nose volunteers.

    There is no cost for the service, but donations are welcome. Since Operation Red Nose costs are covered by sponsors, 100% of the money donated will be going to youth programs in Chatham-Kent – this year, the money is going to Skate Canada, Block Parents, and Gregor's Crossing medieval education. Last year, nearly $10,000 was raised for youth programs.

    In order to make it the campaign a success, hundreds of volunteers will be needed. Chair Chelle Davidson says that last year, there were about 450 volunteers who drove more than 1,600 people safely home in 740 vehicles.

    "Without volunteers, we don't get our people home," says Davidson.

    Potential volunteers may sign p at Purechoice Water on Queen Street, Marque Manufacturing on Merritt Avenue, North Kent Mutual in Dresden and Blackburn Radio on Keil Drive, or they may fill out a volunteer application by visiting Volunteers may also call 226-626-2660.

    On nights of operation, Operation Red Nose may be reached at 519-351-3353.

    Volunteers are needed as drivers – both of patron vehicles and escort vehicles – navigators and people to answer the phone and dispatch volunteers.

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