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Algoma Ins. Brokers Limited
855 Queen Street East Suite 200
Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6A 2B3

Phone: (705) 949-6555
Toll Free: (888) 525-4662
Fax: (705) 949-3513

Languages spoken: English, Italian

Insurance Types:
Commercial Property
Motor Cycle
Commercial Automobile
Recreational Vehicle
Financial Services - Life, Disability, Group, Travel and RRSP's .....
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  • About Us

    The Algoma Financial Group is comprised of Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited, Algoma Financial Services Limited, The Insurance Depot Inc., Bruce Mines Insurance Brokers Ltd., and Doug Sykes Insurance Inc. Serving the Sault and Algoma District since 1941, Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited is currently one of the largest independent insurance brokers in Northern Ontario. Over the last decade we have continued to expand our product line with the establishment of Algoma Financial Services which has enabled us to provide Life and Small Business Group Insurance along with a wide variety of wealth management products.  Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited is an "Independent Broker" and is locally owned and operated. We are able to underwrite a wide spectrum of risks, from non profit entities, municipalities, manufacturing risks and retail. We need to provide a better product, faster, and more efficiently to the buying public. This has forced us to establish better communication links with the insurance providers, hence the requirement for more sophisticated computer systems. Algoma Insurance strives to be in the fore front of this revolution. It was a great honor to have been chosen as a test site for a number of technological initiatives on behalf of the insurance industry. We feel that proper use of technology, a progressive philosophy, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff are the keys to success. Algoma Insurance has invested great resources in establishing a professional, well trained, and courteous staff to fulfill the needs of a more sophisticated insurance buying public. Our people are our greatest assets. We strongly believe that insurance is not just a commodity, it is a complex product that requires extensive knowledge and expertise in order to provide the client with proper advise. To this end, we feel strongly in staff training and education. Insurance basically is a 'promise to pay when a claim occurs'. Our staff make sure that the administration of the claim is carried out in a fair and expedient manner. When a client has a claim, our insurance advisors walk the client through the claim. Our employees deserve the best. In return, we will receive the very best from them, as will our clients.  Algoma Insurance is committed to providing you with the best possible insurance products available on the market at the best possible prices, and we intend to do this through 'undaunted customer service'. After all we look upon this as a 'people' business.

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Why Do I Need Auto Insurance? When you buy car insurance, you're buying financial protection and peace of mind. Your insurer uses the premiums of thousands of other vehicle owners to pay for the financial losses of those who are involved in collisions and other mishaps. Insurance is a way of sharing risk. Your car insurance premium represents just a tiny fraction of your total financial risk when you own and operate a vehicle. If you were to drive your car without insurance, not only would you be breaking the law, but you would be risking your savings, home and other assets. An insurance policy is a legal contract. It may contain certain terms that, in addition to their everyday meanings, have meanings that are unique to that particular policy or more generally to the subject of insurance. There are regional variations as well. The Algoma Advantage Whenever you insure your car with Algoma, we compare the rates for all of our insurance companies to get the best possible rate for you.

  • Business Insurance Products

    Why Choose Algoma Insurance Brokers? Even though an insurance premium is not the most exciting expense on the income statement, it is one of utmost importance for the simple reason that assets need to be protected, and so does the business, from potential loss situations. In commercial insurance not one policy or coverage is alike. The review or evaluation of the business is key to building a commercial policy. Commercial insurance policies should be as unique as the individual company. Basically, the commercial insurance policy will only be as effective as the individual who prescribes the coverage. It is best to call a professional. Independent insurance brokers are licensed individuals that answer to a strict code of ethics, which essentially defines their professionalism. An independent broker is not limited to just one insurance company, but has the option to access a variety of insurance companies.

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