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  • About Us

    TEN STAR's Group Health Benefits administration systems and software allows companies to take advantage of substantial cost savings, previously only available to large public companies. TEN STAR provides every client with a premium rate credibility calculation because our rates are so competitive, proving we are not low-balling the first years premiums rates.


    TEN STAR is a Managing General Life Insurance Agency (MGA) providing professionals and corporate business clients with the most competitive group life insurance contracts with Canada's largest life insurance companies. Corporations needing quality, low cost term life insurance to fund buy-sell agreements and key man life insurance. Corporate clients include large multi-national corporations to family owned private corporations and professionals.


    TEN STAR is able to provide methods of transferring out retained investment earnings from corporations to their shareholders tax-efficientIy. We can show professionals how to invest their money to provide a tax-efficient income with financial planning Canada.

  • Personal Insurance Products

    Looking for the lowest cost term life insurance? Look no further. TEN STAR is a Managing General Life Insurance Agency (MGA). Independent life insurance agents and brokers across Canada have access to Canada's largest life insurance companies with the lowest cost life insurance. TEN STAR has been in business for over 30 years, providing "Excellence Through Education ®".


    Term Life Insurance has level premiums for a set period of time. The coverage you select will allow for suitable protection during the years when you have children, mortgages, and other insurable needs.


    Term Life Insurance is the most basic, most popular of life insurance products in Canada.


    Are your needs short term, like debt protection or long term, like mortgage protection? This type of insurance is intended to cover shorter term needs (though those needs may be as long as 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years).


    You pay a premium for a period of time and if you die during that time the insurance proceeds are paid to the person or persons you designate (called a beneficiary), unlike bank procedures.


    The most common type of term insurance is renewable and convertible term insurance. With proper financial planning, a Term life plan can play an important role in meeting your objectives.

  • Business Insurance Products

    A commercial general liability insurance Canada policy provides protection for your company against lawsuits from third parties for bodily injury, property damage caused by your business products or operations. It’s imperative that your Insurer understands your description of operations completely so they’ll stand behind you at the time of the claim.


    We make sure we take the time to understand your business and work with you to help you minimize your insurance costs and your risk.


    If your company becomes involved in a lawsuit by a third-party for bodily injury or property damage which has been caused by your business products or operations, a commercial general liability insurance policy protects your business. By planning ahead and protecting yourself for rainy days while it's still sunny, you can save your business thousands of dollars and insure the future of your company. Fill out the form "get your free quote" above and learn about about how TEN STAR can help protect your business.


    Low cost competitive term life insurance protects your family before you have accumulated an estate.

    Low cost term-to-100 life insurance preserves your estate.

    You work hard to build your estate - why give it to the TAXMAN?

  • Business Succession Planning

    A Business Succession Plan is a multidisciplinary process providing a comprehensive and strategic approach to guiding the transition of business ownership. It is to be a dynamic document that is utilized as a guide to manage the issues of transition. When a succession plan is in place, it allows the business owner to anticipate and effectively manage change.

    A successful plan must be realistic and workable and not prepared in isolation. It must involve family members, professional advisors, shareholders, partners, strategic employees, and all stakeholders in the business.

    Communication, during the preparation and upon completion, is a critical component of the process. Unless all affected parties are clear about what is in the Succession Plan and have had the opportunity to participate in its preparation there will be problems. The Plan will address the issues of “When and How” transition of the businessto new ownership and management will occur.

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